Coastal erosion causes a lot of damage in Togo

"This erosion is inducing a lot of damage. Facilities on the coast (houses, roads) and being destroyed and washed away by the sea," regrets Tchannibi Bakatimbe, coordinator of the WACA project.

"Knowing that our country is making efforts for emergence, there are still factors that are holding back this economy, so actions will have to be taken to reduce these factors. Erosion itself, is the largest factor of degradation of the coastal zone.We note that in the $ 310 million, it represents $ 213 million, about 125 billion CFA. Amounting to a loss of 4 billion a year due to this erosion, "he continues.

If nothing is done, the country would lose by 2035, annually 5 billion CFA. From the urgent actions to be taken to save the coast, 05 projects are targeted, some of which have already been completed, and others still in preparation.

"These are the 4th Lakes Project, the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor and Coast Protection Project, the West Africa Coastal Water Resilient Investment Project (WACA), the port construction and the adaptation of the West African coastal zone to climate change", said the coordinator.

According to the experts, the state must speed up the actions in their implementation because if the works do not start, the coast of Togo will suffer the pain of this erosion.

Beyond fears, seas and oceans are opportunities

The protection of the marine environment is a necessity. Oceans and seas, occupy more than 2/3 of the surface of the globe and are at the origin of life on the planet. The African Union thinks that the economic growth of tomorrow's Africa is linked to maritime activities.

"Our seas are polluted by industrial waste and plastics, and if we remember, men are threat to the sea. But for the seas and oceans to bring all the wealth they contain, it is necessary to urgently carry out a protection operation", suggests Stanislas Baba, advisor for the sea of ​​the President of the Republic.

Togo, like other African countries, he continues "wants today to sensitize the populations to the idea that we must do something to avoid that our seas are defiled".

"We must first start thinking of the limitation of industrial discharges since the majority of industries have their discharges directly related to the sea. We must realize that this is a danger".

The Minister of Agriculture, Noël Koutera Bataka noted that "the ocean offers its benefits to economic sectors such as fishing, energy, tourism and shipping in particular."

"There are also ecological benefits such as climate regulation, carbon sequestration, habitat or biodiversity," says Bataka.

It must be remembered that the African day of the seas and oceans celebrated on Thursday in Lome under the theme "Sustainable Blue Economy" was a great opportunity to raised awareness of the opportunities to be drawn from the blue economy while protecting the coastal areas from danger.

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