Hydraulic installations for the achievement of food security

First and foremost, we have the construction of crop preservation and seed storage stores amounting to 3.6 billion CFA.

"This project contributes to the improvement of food security in Togo, by securing agricultural production and seeds, guaranteeing the quality of the grains by: the construction of storage warehouses with drying areas; cleaning and packaging equipment, store layout, training of beneficiary populations. 30 stores of 10 tons, 30 stores of 350 tons and 3 stores of 3000 tons were received, as well as 10 stores for the storage of products from harvest and products from processing," he said.

Another project is the implementation of the Regional Agricultural Information System (SIAR). According to Mr. Krikpeu, the objective of this project, "is to provide the country with an operational website on which the agricultural and food information of the country will be published."

In addition, we have the support for the production and supply of seeds. Referring to him, this support has resulted to "making available to the Government a funding of 62.5 million CFA for the production, the certification and the supply of grain seeds."

The multi-purpose hydraulic installations for the achievement of food security of WAEMU in Togo for an amount of approximately 1.1 billion CFA and 4 boreholes were also carried out.

It should also be noted, "the organization of national vaccination campaigns against anthrax at a cost of 727,250,000 CFA, the structuring of rice and maize sectors for respectively 225 million and 300 million CFA; by making available to the Government an amount of fifty million (50,000,000) CFA for the equipment of the services responsible for plant protection.

The Union also supported Togo in the pest control of fruits and crops. "It has made available to the Government an amount of fifty million CFA for the fight against fruit and vegetable crops pests," Krikpeu said.

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