Yark Damehane (L) and Chao Weidong (R)

A model extended to the whole country that Mr. Xi dreams Africa could learn from. To mark the 70 years of the founding of the new China, several African delegations visited this country to appreciate the great achievements that force admiration and encourage the world to take as a model.

China's GDP exceeded 13.6 trillion US dollars in 2018, for 176 times the figure in 1952. With an annual increase of more than 8%, China ranks second in the world in terms of economic size.

"China today has all industrial sectors according to the criteria of the United Nations. It remains the leading producer on more than 200 industrial items. Its import-export volume increased from one billion dollars in 1950 to 4.620 billion dollars in 2018", informs this Friday in Lome, Chao Weidong, Chinese Ambassador to Togo during the ceremony marking the 70 years.

"Its infrastructure has made remarkable progress, with the China high-speed rail line accounting for 29,000km, standing for 60% of the world's total, and the standard of living of its population has improved significantly. From 1978 to 2018, in 40 years, more than 750 million Chinese get out of poverty, the life expectancy of the Chinese has risen from 35 to 77 years in 2018", reveals the Chinese diplomat.

"The Chinese school of development and economic growth has a rich teaching and experiences to share with the world.The values ​​of work, determination and self-sacrifice which constitute the underpinnings are alone, sources of inspiration and vision to which many countries drown considerably", admires Yark Damehane, Minister of Security and Civil Protection, representing the Togolese government.

A dynamic and fruitful cooperation

Aged 47, the relations of friendship and cooperation between Togo and China have always been borrowed from pragmatism and concrete achievements in several important and varied fields.

The agreements between the two governments cover the essential sectors of policies and programs addressing the vital needs of the Togolese people. These include health, agriculture, trade, culture, road, port and airport infrastructure as well as capacity building for Togolese civil servants in several fields, including agriculture.

Minister Yark highlighted the memorandum of understanding under the belt and road initiative, the agricultural cooperation agreement or the partnership agreement between the chambers of commerce and industry of China and Togo.

"All these conventions combined with the many achievements of infrastructure in the assets of China in our country make Sino-Togolese cooperation, one of the most dynamic and most fruitful," greets the Minister in charge of security.

And what the people of Africa are waiting for is to see a friendly, sincere and frank relationship with China flourish in order to achieve president Xi's "community of destiny".

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