Bessanh Komlan, promoter of the Champiso juice

So that investment opportunities were more widely exploited and valued to the extent of Togo's comparative strengths and advantages (agribusiness, agri-food, processing, renewable energies, textile industry, export, infrastructure, housing, information technology, communication, tourism), the government has set targets for a vigorous economic recovery that takes into account the domestic and international private sector.

According to Prime Minister Komi Selom Klassou, the Togo-European Union Economic Forum enrolled nearly 1000 personalities against the 400 expected, that is twice the number of expected participants including economic operators and investors from Europe and Togo.

"The commitment of the European Union to support investors by stimulating investment and trade for growth but also the creation of sustainable jobs, the launch of the European Chamber of Commerce in Togo, the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Togolese Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the European Union ", welcomes the head of the government.

He continued saying that "141 bankable projects were selected out of 400 presented for a total expected amount amounting € 1.3 billion euros for 852 billion CFA". For the European Union, one must make the most of this forum and maintain it together so that the vision of an emerging Togo becomes a reality.

"This event has confirmed a remarkable convergence between the implementation of the new Europe Africa alliance and the strategic objectives of the national development plan of Togo, a convergence that will allow the European Union and Togo with the assistance of private sector and financial institutions to work hand in hand to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, to promote sustainable and inclusive growth and the creation of decent jobs", repeated Bruno Hanses, Chargé d'affaires at the EU Delegation to Togo.

The expectations of young entrepreneurs

The other thing to remember from this forum is that, unanimously, all the participants admit that the private sector is the main source of job creation, stimulation of innovation and the creation of wealth.

Beyond the probable funding, young people met by agridigitale hope from the government and partner other accompanying measures.

"Our problem as young entrepreneurs is not just funding, there is also the technics, the transfer of knowledge and skills that we can take advantage from, so we need a solid program to support us", wishes Medissa Sama, business leader and mentor to Yiclife who came to this forum with a project of € 2,000,000 to set up an industrial chain of production of fresh fruits and vegetables in Togo to create 500 permanent jobs.

For his part, Bessanh Komlan, promoter of the Champiso juice asks that at the exit of this forum, the entrepreneurial youth were associated to poles of decisions to defend their needs and difficulties. He also proposed that the government makes it possible to break down the barriers of mistrust that young people face so that funds could be allocated to them.

"A decision should come from the government to break this mistrust of banks towards the youth so that we can raise huge funds. The other grievance is that we can find a place in the poles of transformation that are being set up for these young people whose sectors represent a potential for development and that a special tax status be given to young entrepreneurs who are in agro-processing to enable them to offer their products at competitive prices", suggested Bessanh.

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