Nteranya Sanginga, president of IITA

“International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)” he said.

Established in 1967, the institute is based in Nigeria. It brings together 200 scientists in 18 countries and is dedicated to finding alternatives to cassava, soybean, sweet potato, cowpea, maize…

For Nteranya Sanginga, president of IITA "This price awards 50 years of efforts by all IITA scientists engaged in the research of solutions to the diseases affecting the plantations".

Obasanjo praised the impressive results achieved by the institute, fruits of partnership between Ford and Rockefeller foundations which had a positive impact on the lives of producers across Africa.

"Today, let's still eat cassava, the precious and nutritious soy we now grow in our fields with varieties of maize that can withstand drought and deadly toxins," said Nigeria's former president.

IITA is member of Global Network for Agricultural Research and is supported by several international organizations (USAID, GIZ, ADB, etc.) to find sustainable solutions for agriculture in Africa.

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