FOYECO, economic and ecological fireplace

"The results of my research allowed me to launch since 2016, my FOYECO, an improved economic and ecological fireplace that works with coal waste and renewable energy for households and all professionals in the kitchen," revealed the young innovator to agridigitale.

FOYECO is equipped with a mini integrated blower powered by12 volts or a solar panel allowing him to activate the fire permanently.

The device reduces human action for cooking twice as fast as an ordinary household. Highly ecological, the fireplace uses coal residues poured into the streets or stored in the markets and that pollute the environment.

"From now on, this waste is recycled, sieved and put into the fireplace for efficient combustion and sustainable energy production, thus cutting down trees for cooking will be reduced," explained the promoter who has already deployed 500 units of his improved fireplace on the local market.

The electromechanical engineer has decided to provide a solution able to mitigate the climatic consequences. 

To make it easier for rural communities to buy, Maxben wants to triple the monthly output by increasing it from 100 to 250, thereby reducing costs to households. In fact, he testified that he received $ 5,000 from the Tony Elumelu entrepreneurial program in 2018 that contributed back lot to the improvement of the project.

"This fund allowed me to buy new work equipment to improve the quality of the work, and the rest was invested in new research projects on green charcoal production," he testified.

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