Everything is missing in the village where the phosphate is exploited

The arable land of his village is occupied for the exploitation of the phosphate and there is no serious infrastructure in place to help relieve the pain of the villagers in the satisfaction of their social needs.

"The exploitation of phosphate that started from Hahotoe and Akoumape did not spare Dzogblakope in terms of damage. Today, all the youth of the locality has no horizon. Sometimes we wonder, if the presence of this mineral resource on our land is a misfortune or happiness?", he confesses to agridigitale.

Chief Tobli goes further saying that he and his constituents no longer have arable land and are today at the mercy of nature.

"After the first occupations, the only part of the land that remained to us at Zegle apeye has just been occupied. All that was grown over time (corn, cassava, peanut, beans) are no more grown", he testifies with great sadness.

From disappointment to disappointment

Access to mine sites is very complex. Police barricades discourage any visitor. Attempts to talk to local officials have been unsuccessful.

According to various testimonies, there was an agreement between the government and the communities that, in return for occupation of the lands, the mining company should recruit the valid arms for the company; build schools, hospitals, and even facilitate access to electricity for this population.

"To even have a school in Zegle Apeyeye (site where the population was relocated), not long ago, it took a march of the villagers which gave rise to serious incidents. To date, we have to travel 5km and go to Djagble before getting health care. We don’t even have a public market. And yet, we have a wealth that feeds the whole country", laments Apollinaire Gnrofou, President of the Village Development Committee (CVD).

Contempt, inhuman treatment!

According to the families visited, the scale of the tragedy has grown. Their children left for the city (Lome) in search of a better-being. Those who have taken the courage to stay and who are exploited in the mining company are poorly treated and most of them are paid 21.000 CFA per quarter.

"For 6 years, I worked as a casual with no contract in the company and this is the case for many of my colleagues. I earn 21.000 CFA by quarter. We have no health and social coverage. It's really the exploitation of man by man", says a former occasional agent under cover of anonymity.

Out of breath, young people, adults and old people, all plunged into a total KO, expect the Head of State, Faure Gnassingbe, a glow that will restore hope to this community completely destitute.

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