The state to grant celebrities arable land

Fully committed to carrying this dream high and strong, King Papavi Mensah does not doubt for a moment that his appeal will be heard and understood well beyond the Togolese and African borders.

He immediately proposed to 'the state to grant celebrities arable land' to retain candidates for immigration and encourage the media to tell their success stories.

Although busy these days with the final adjustments for the release of his new album scheduled for next October, he gives three original recipes to meet the challenges of food security and employability of young people in Togo.

Role of big companies

King Mensah believes that the big companies established in the country should get their hands dirty by setting a good example. The state in accordance with its roadmap could impose on them the conduct to be held.

"I think all the big corporations in the country should have their own field and processing unit where they will get young people working in better condition and who will be paid as real employees with pay stub, certificate of health and a retirement. The first customers of these companies will obviously be their own employees but they can produce on a large scale and diversify their source of income", he confided to agridigitale.

Establish "Togo Agriculture Award"

The King’s second ingredient is to create champions in the agricultural sector, such as wished by the government.

"We really have to make people dream. Therefore, we have to introduce Togo Agriculture Award to reward the best actors in the sector, as we do for football and music. If at the end of each year we reward the best with a certain number of financial, material and market access facilities, you will see that young people will be much more interested in helping their parent in the field than doing zemidjan (motorcycle taxi) in town because they know that there is a reward at the end", he said.

"The state can attribute to the various celebrities of the country (in the field of sport or music for example), cultivable land. Instead of showing all day long the impressive images from the west, the media would better multiply programs to show young people these celebrities farming, breeding or fishing, and that's sure the fans will follow", he insisted.

Training, an imperative!

The last and not least point is training. Moreover, the king of Togolese music is not a fervent fan of the educational system as practiced in the country.

An outdated educational system and not adapted to the evolution of the country. Education programs are mostly from another era.

"If you take our school program today, there are many things we can remove and introduce more practical things in agriculture, breeding, fishing or crafts. We can even use schools during the holidays to inculcate all this to children", he suggested.

He plans to create an artist's school soon and is interested in embarking on a major agricultural project. Political will alone is not enough, but political action must also follow to stir things up.

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