Manager of a cold room provided by the Embassy of France to the island, Member of the Association - Twamayamlozi - which includes the fishermen of the town of Ouani, Dhabou share daily fines of 600 fishermen.

It all seems now lost. The association needs funding to deal with the problems of the fishermen. She is also an actress.

She testifies to Agridigitale, that she passes out of his time at sea and it is with this activity that she takes care of her two (2) children.

"Fishermen of Ouani need training. We need help to equip our cold room, a funding to build a small dam to the rest of the fish, some GPS devices in order to save our fishermen at sea", she said. 

She explains that on the island, the main activity is fishing. "When we fish in large quantities, we cannot keep the fish. These losses contribute to the impoverishment of our fishermen. We call for help", she said.

For you, the training of fishermen is very important

Of course! We live on fishing but unfortunately, our fishermen have no basic training.

From the use of to the conservation, we need appropriate training so that our business will raise and fishermen can live on their activities.

For now, this isn't really the case.  We have the support of France and Japan but, it is not enough.

The most important thing we need now, is that we have well trained technicians to track our activity so that we go further and provide for the needs of our families.

Training Yes, but what exactly?

In the field of fishing, I stress a lot about training because our fishermen make a lot of accidents at sea and some die.

We need GPS and then our fishermen must be trained in the use of these facilities to avoid such accidents. Then, we don’t know how to keep our fishes fresh.

The Embassy of France built for us a cold room with a capacity of 12 tonnes.

This cold room is sorely lacking equipment and important accessories to serve us. The initial project funded by the Embassy of France had not taken into account these facilities and, now, we need financial support to run the cold room. 

Our fishermen arrive with a lot of fish but by fault of conservation, these fish rot and fishermen are still more unhappy.

It lacks many things especially the training to be able to complete this project. And I fear that this project falls on a day on the water. 

Your argument then?

We already have a project that needs to be funded. Donors and people of goodwill to come help us, fishermen in Ouani. 

It will help us to be successful, to reduce poverty because we suffer a lot.

We would like to do fishing in our country, but we  really need help so that we can live better. 

It's sad to see that a fisherman will have to go to sea at the time where it is agitated, because not having enough to live. If we have the means of conservation, our fishermen would live happier and better.

* Ouani is a town in the Comoros, in the Indian Ocean. It is located on the North coast of the island of Anjouan.

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