In 2010, for example, the producers achieved a turnover of more than 47 billion CFA for a domestic production estimated at 500,000 tons. 

According to various specialists, these results are in full growing. For irrigated lands are in progress as well as new actors entering the industry.

Onion produced in Niger (purple gold) feeds not only local market but it is also exported to other countries of the subregion including Togo.

Moustapha Kadri, general Secretary of the National Association of cooperatives of the onion (ANFO) professionals has recognized in 2016 that despite "this high potential of production, the system of production and marketing of onion remains traditional, causing losses and enormous shortfalls".

To better organize the collection, storage, transformation and commercialization of at international level and create more value added to producers, a new company was created this week at Madaoua in the region of Tahoua (onion belt) and wants to win this challenge. 

It is to society of transformation and marketing of onion (Sotraco-Niger), with a capital of 100 million CFA. It wants to modernize the production of onion whose production to date is estimated at more than 700,000 tons.

According to Moustapha Kadri, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Issoufou Attawel,  the company cited by Niameyetles2jours, "Sotraco-Niger will be economically profitable and will unite all producers in the sector estimated at 4000 and which will themselves be shareholders."

"In Niger, the culture of the onion is practised in irrigated during the dry season and cool from November to April, in the valleys where the water table is shallow enough to allow Engineer of agricultural Techniques, the vegetables and fruit crops (INRAN, Niger) project manager and Abderrahmane HILALI, Director of the horticultural complex of Agadir to the Morocco.

These researchers point out that part of the production (10 to 15%) occurs in the rainy season, between August and November.

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