Smallholder farmers, the priority for Houngbo

"80% of our food is produced by smallholder farmers, so if we want to develop agriculture in Africa, we need to start with smallholders," called the president of IFAD.

For him, each State must have a national planning policy where the priorities are well identified to facilitate the accompaniment of donors, including IFAD.

"We emphasize the government's contribution to the projects we are funding for sustainability, and smallholders should be at the center of planning and agricultural policy," he added.

4P formula by Tony Blair

The former British Prime Minister unveils his 4P formula

His 4P stands for prioritization, policy, people, and performance.  Blair explains that good vision is necessary to define one’s priorities (1P). Then elaborate a good political program (2P) where it is necessary to take into account all the defined priorities.

He continues saying that once the program developed, it is necessary to surround oneself with the skills, to make use if possible of the expertise and the transfer of skills to the people (3P) who must execute the program. Finally, Tony Blair suggested to bet on the performance for a good follow-up of the projects to make sure that the initial results fixed are reached.

PPP and corruption, priority for Rockefeller

For Dr. Rajiv Shah, president of Rockefeller Foundation, promoting public-private partnership is crucial to succeeding in different agricultural policies.

He advised governments to involve producers in decision-making and to be truly at the heart of the policies put in place for them.

He finally insisted on the scourge of corruption in Africa and thinks that we must put the means to fight it.

Xavier Leprince, mister cooperatives

The deputy manager of Syngenta Agro France, Xavier Leprince advised producers to join a cooperative, to synergize their means of production not only to facilitate access to credit from banks but also to guarantee the quality of their products.

In particular, he recommended them to use good seeds. He encouraged insurance companies to help producers reduce the risk margin. He asked agricultural equipment sellers to make logistical means available to producers.

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    I think we in Africa should develop pulicies as outlined by the experts and face the challenges.

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