"Africa first" by the Togolese Gervais Koffi Djondo

"The difference between Kwami Nkrumah and Gervais Djondo is that Djondo bases his desire for African unity on concrete things: money, banks, the plane. With Banks credits are available for companies. It's credits for building construction. It is work for the Africans, it is no longer a matter of speech, it is the demonstration for the other decision makers that the way to success is not within our borders, it is by enlarging, and by working hand in hand", restores Pr. Elikia M Bokolo.

He called up on anyone looking for models to read this book to capitalize on this rich experience that gives us Ecobank and Asky Airlines that are today, the pride of the African continent.

"A book is to be read. The one who wrote, we know what he did, and when you look, it was not easy, he drooled, it's a lesson for all of us. That is before archiving something, you will drool because people have no reason to encourage you, to believe in what you say.How do you make people believe you", invites the Historian professor born in 1944 in Leopoldville, now Kinshasa in the DRC.

"This is the first time that I am celebrating in Africa, a book wanted in Africa, a book whose hero is an African, a book whose object is Africa, not Africa of the past but Africa of the future. Africa as it sees itself, as it is taking its place in the world", welcomes Pr. Elikia.

"For example, what should we put as an intellectual psychological weapon in the minds of young people so that they know that young Americans are formed in America, young Europeans in Europe and that the place of young Africans is not in Europe, it is in Africa with all kinds of opportunities and creativity of which he is an example", testifies the pan-African historian professor.

Founder of the pan-African private bank Ecobank and Asky Airlines company, Gervais Koffi Djondo is undoubtedly a reference for all African youth.

In "Africa first", Gervais Djondo has decided to give back his career and his experiences to this youth on whom he bases all his hopes to see the African continent play a decisive role and occupy an important place in the world of tomorrow.

The path of our success is not within our borders

The 228-page opus, published in July in Presence Africaine editions and officially presented to the public on Monday in Lome, the author brings a number of elements on what should be done in terms of management of intellectual and psychological training morality of young people rather than sending them disarmed to Western countries.

In his journey, Djondo has certainly also passed through Europe but with the clear desire to come back. And it is this desire of coming back from his personal history, his career and his vision on private initiative, entrepreneurship handling the flame of Pan-Africanism that Gervais wants to share with his entourage and his audience .

"We have to fight and it's not about boxing ourselves, but we have to think about finding solutions. The path of our success is not within our borders but by expanding them", Mr Djondo said.

"Africa First" retraces the author's life as a whole, emphasizing his contribution to the sovereignty of Africa. The 288-page book is grouped into eight chapters, including the stage, from social to politics.

For the author, Africa must no more wait for the providence of nowhere and to go further, he proposes to the Africans and their leaders a union.

This is a new pan-Africanist appeal formula unlike that of the first continent's top leaders. "The time is no longer for speech but for demonstration: the will of African unity is now built on concrete things, including banking and aircraft," notes Mbokolo.

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