In his speech, the new minister first expressed his gratitude to the Head of State for having placed his trust in him to lead this sensitive and important department in the framework of the new development plan (2018-2022) as well as in all the strategic actions of the government.

Afterwards, he didn’t miss to welcome the work done by his predecessor, Colonel Ouro-Koura AGADAZI and promised to work for the well-being of the majority of Togolese.

"For almost seven years now, you have been very positive in many ways and we remember that in 2012, when the colonel took over the ministry of agriculture, PNIASA at the time, had just had a supervisory mission where the whole picture was painted black but thanks to rigor, determination and commitment, the PNIASA has been a success that we all know ", he acknowledged to the outgoing minister, the Colonel Ouro-Kura AGADAZI.

Finally, for his new collaborators, Mr. BATAKA laid out the outline of the work they will have to do together to accelerate the impact for the transformation of the life conditions of people, according to the instructions of the head of the State.

"The contours of the mission that we must pursue will be based on the promotion of sectors with high potential for creating added value and employment, but there is a need for reforms and synergies of action, in particular the incentives for entrepreneurship and business development to foster the emergence of a class of entrepreneurs who can compete in national, regional and international markets, "he said.

Before his appointment, he was successively a monitoring-evaluator on the agricultural sector support project (PASA) and then general secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Water Resources from December 2014 to November 2016, coordinator of the Agricultural Finance Incentive Mechanism (MIFA) since early 2018.

The outgoing minister, Ouro-Koura AGADZI wished good luck to his successor and urged him to continue the missions in favor of the well-being of the agricultural world.

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