Renewable agreement between Udyogprerana and Agritrade Africa

According to the memorandum, Agritrade, as the front local face of Udyoprerana in Togo and the Western Africa Region is committed to make its clients benefit from the expertise of this leading advisory company working globally in the sector of post-harvest and food process based on the concept of value chain development.

Udyoprerana is specialized in among other: post-harvest technology for vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs, millets, cereal; designing value chain for rural livelihood development, food safety and organic certification advisory, product development, advisory for marketing and packaging development, business plan preparation.

As the representative of the group in Western Africa, El Hadj AMADOU Yaya explained that his main role is fixing appointments with government officers, ministries and private investors, signing MOU with investor and government department on behalf of the society.

"We have all the expertise needed to provide a turnkey business plan, all you need to succeed in your agricultural or agro-processing project," he said adding that a "series of training is announced in favor of the agricultural world."

This representative agreement occurs after a recent prospecting visit to India, five months after the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the High Agronomy School (ESA) of the University of Lome. 

Leading company working in Togo and Western Africa region in agricultural marketing sector, Agritrade Africa is specialized in the supply of Agri inputs, organic integrated pest management, marketing of agri technologies, modern agri technologies, seeds, farmer and farm development programs.

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