An Irrigation systems adapted to smallholders (picture IFAD)

With climate change, rains are becoming scarce and rainy seasons are becoming shorter and shorter.

"In Africa, many farmers depend on the rain and when it does not rain, they start making sacrifices thinking that the gods are angry, which means that the poor farmers do not have any significant income anymore while they have to support themselves and send their children to school", sympathizes Dayo Mosobalaje, West Africa Regional Director of Kickstart International.

To allow farmers to farm all year round, including in the dry season, several solutions have been developed, such as lampadaire ($ 500 to $ 600) and fuel pumps (refueling).

"But we realized that all this is expensive for small farmers, so we decided to invent a technology with the right tools to allow these small producers to have easy and sustainable access to water and at a lower cost," explains Dayo.

"Portable and very reliable, our pumps are designed to help small producers to move from rain-fed subsistence agriculture to commercial irrigated agriculture all year round," he told agridigitale.

The company has been operating for more than ten years, lightweight manual irrigation pumps (4.5kg and 16kg) with maximum suction capacities of 7m depth, 14m maximum height capable of repelling water over 200m (flat terrain).

"They use water efficiently, reduce the risk of famine, improve food sources, reduce dependency on foreign food aid and increase farmers' incomes by up to 500 percent," he assures.

Already in Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Zambia, DRC, Malawi and Mozambique Zimbabwe, the sub-regional director for West Africa is willing to share this technology with other African countries including Togo.

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