Lombo Yao, general director of the Togolese Institute for Agricultural Research (ITRA)

"It's a proven technology, if you go to Brazil, you'll be amazed, let's be aware of how to experiment with these technologies to boost our agriculture," called Lombo Yao, general director of the Togolese Institute for Agricultural Research (ITRA).

"In 2018, we realized that there is an adoption rate of 13%, but today we want to see at least, 50% of farmers using this technology," he said.

To achieve this goal, the Coton4 + Togo project has in a wave of two, trained technicians of the new cotton company of Togo (NSCT), the national federation of cotton producer groups (FNGPC), the center of agricultural research of the wet savanna (CRASH) and producers on soil fertility management, cotton pests and production of cover plans.

"At the level of our company, we organize sensitizations at the beginning of the campaign and during these sessions, we will put a lot of emphasis on the direct seeding under vegetal cover", promised Agbota Kossi Tchomenefa, in charge of the agricultural extension program at NSCT south plateau based in Notse.

And how does it work ?

The system is based on the use of plants that have a very deep root system that allows crops to easily penetrate the soil and extract nutrients for their development.

"Before putting your crop, put these plants that will puncture the soil and next season, you will put the crop you want," advised the head of ITRA. The technology allows with a small amount of rain, to take advantage of the moisture that stays under the biomass instead of waiting for great rains to make ridges and seedlings.

"It's a production system that makes it possible to have very good production in corn to meet food security concerns, to have a large production of cotton and soy that does not suffer from market problems. At the end of the campaign, you have three important products", illustrated Dr Akantetou Komlan Pikassale, CRASH director based in Kolo Cope (about 40km from the city of Atakpame).

"I think it's a very simple method that will help us save money, reduce our operating account and it's very important that we adopt it," wished Kouroufei, president of FNGPC. It is up to producers to appropriate this technology that will not only help stabilize their performance, but also improve their living conditions.

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