Bruno Hanses, officer at the European Union in Togo

A framework to challenge each actor on the reality that has become climate change and the need to act urgently. Obviously, Togo witch his size and his current primary industry, is far behind the big polluters of the world but, undertakes to save the planet from the climatic disturbance.

Various initiatives have been taken. Most recently, the country implemented the Climate Change Support Program (PALCC) with the financial support of the European Union; the CIZO project for rural electrification; the WACA project for the fight against coastal erosion, etc.

So many innovations hailed by Marc Vizy, French ambassador in Lome. "Togo, with his National Development Plan and development strategies, seems set to become a model in the sub-region, so we must unite to achieve these goals", notes Mr. Vizy.

In the meantime, he announced that the French Development Agency (AFD) is currently preparing with the Togolese agency for rural electrification and renewable energy, the development of the Sarakawa hydroelectric dam with a capacity of 24MW.

"The cooperation and cultural action service has just launched a dozen projects in the country, all pro-climates, which will have as main objective to contribute to the empowerment of women and youth", adds the French diplomat.

It is time for action

"The impact of global warming on our planet is catastrophic and we must stop underestimating it," said Bruno Hanses, officer at the European Union in Togo. "Togo and West Africa are under severe threat from climate change, the erosion of the coastline, which has disappeared from the former national highway number 2 years ago is a proof", he regrets.

According to UN experts, the phenomenon will intensify and could lead to the disappearance of some coastal cities in West Africa. "The progression of salty marine waters in agricultural lands will make unsafe water unsuitable for agriculture yet Togo's first economic sector", warns him.

German diplomat Matthias Veltin, for his part, hailed the global decision of the  youth to raise their voices and bring their respective countries to act in the face of the future of the land that is threatened.

"The fight against climate change and sustainable development hand in hand. We cannot have clean energy, sustainable cities, peace and food security in 2030 if we don't all decide to act now", calls Matthias Veltin.


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