Charity NALEON, 2019 ambassador of agridigitale for the feminine cause

"The products are made with raw materials such as Ghana's cocoa butter, Agbodrafo (South Coastal Togo) coconut oil, Danyi (more than 300 km far from Lome) palm oil, Agou's cocoa bean, Sokode (central region) shea and soybeans," retails her to Agridigitale.

"Bring all social classes to better take care of their bodies at a lower cost and especially with organic products." This is the foundation of the fight conducted by Charity.

"Unsatisfied with the cosmetics on the market, I decided to make what I wanted to keep my skin and my family's skin healthy," she said.

A true activist of the female cause

To obtain the soap, the cocoa cream and the pure shea butter, Charity buys her raw materials from women's groups to ensure a stable income for them.

"We freely train women without income who are interested. 30Fr.CFA is retained on every soap to help girls, widows and orphans. Brief, those who are really in need," explained Ms. Naleon.

For her, "African woman is still what she has always been, a fighter."

"Educated or not, she always excels in what she undertakes and she will never change in this respect. Tribute to our grandmothers who left us this invaluable legacy," added her to make a point of honor to all the women of the world on the day of March 08.

Looking for support for her agricultural project in Kpalime

The social dimension of Charity's fight is well established. However, she faces many challenges that require support.

"Our main concern is the appropriate molds to increase production and financing to produce large quantities and give more time (minimum 1 month) for complete saponification. At the level of marketing, the demand exceeds the supply," she revealed.

Believing that the earth does not deceive and that only the sky could be the limit of human action, she acquired 2 hectares of agricultural land in Kpalime (120 km from Lomé / Nyogbo road after zongo) that she intends to exploit and create more jobs for women in the area.

What are you waiting for to support Charity Naleon in her good works for Togolese woman?

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