Domestic solar system to increase household access to energy

Financed up to $ 207.2 million by the World Bank and the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) for $ 140 million in the form of a line of credit and $ 67.2 in guarantees, the project will be implemented by Boad and will benefit 19 states including 15 from the Ecowas area.

Concretely, this project will increase the access of households, businesses and communities to electricity using modern autonomous solar systems such as solar lanterns, solar home systems, solar water pumps , solar mills and solar sewing machines through a harmonized regional approach.

"The project is expected to help achieve Ecowas' renewable energy goals for 2020 and 2030, namely to increase the share of renewable energy in the West African region by 10% in 2020 and by 19% in 2030 and by extension to four other countries", said Dr Tchapo Singo, representative of Togolese Minister for Energy and Mines.

'Strengthening partnerships for an acceleration of autonomous solar systems in West Africa and the Sahel' is the theme of this third Rogep conference in Lome.

The exchanges made it possible to make the inventory of the phase of preparation of the project, to exhibit its various components and subcomponents and  decline the next actions to carry out.

"We are meeting together in Lome with different experts, donors, technical and financial partners, civil society to see how all that is barrier, whether politically or socially can to be lifted to reduce some of this inequality between rural and urban populations", says Mahama Kappiah, executive director of Ecree

Rogep has two main components, the first is to develop a regional market through technical assistance activities to improve the off-grid ecosystem market and a second which involves facilitating access to finance for autonomous solar system companies.

The Boad will intervene in the second component through the establishment of a line of financing received from the World Bank to redistribute with commercial banks in the area so that they can effectively finance solar projects that are promoted by schools, households, microenterprises and health centers.

"This project is important for us because it is truly a priority sector, and it is also important for Boad with regard to the bank's mission, which is to promote a balanced development of the Waemu countries", says Oumar Tembely, Director of the Private Finance Department of Boad.

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