1-2-3 Action provide rural areas with drinking water

"She has this innate ability to transmit this emotion to the people, to our support, to the rest of the world, it helps us to understand the emergency to act", acknowledges Gregory PRENLELOU, founder of the 1-2-3 Action NGO.

Among the villages that have already benefited from drilling, we have Djakpata, Pimini, Pligou, Kpegadje and Kpepeta. "1-2-3 Action acts primarily in the villages that do not yet have a drilling, and we also assess the needs of villages based on the distance to go for water and its quality", he highlighted adding that the actions will intensify this year.

"We have already drilled three holes in 2019 and we are working hard to implement the mission of November, which we hope will benefit the greatest number of villagers!" he continued.

Loris Hadjian is the local representative of 1-2-3 Action who has been fighting for three years to provide rural areas with drinking water. He reports that “at the end of March 2019, 43 boreholes were drilled in Togo thanks to the support of generous private donors".

"Thanks to our actions, about 40 localities representing about 200,000 people have already benefited from access to drinking water", Loris says. "We do not perceive any public aid,” he told agridigitale, saying that his daily struggle is to obtain more funds for projects that need them most.

Received by agridigitale newspaper, Gregory PRENLELOU details the actions of his organization in Togo.

AGRIDIGITALE.NET: The choice of Togo not a fruit of chance?

Gregory PRENLELOU: Among the large number of countries in which we intervene, the choice of Togo is not due to chance. We are fortunate to have here a trusted local representative whom we know for several years. Moreover, it is a country that is very regularly forgotten by other NGO. The task is very large, that's why we are actively working here. As for the name of our association, 123 Action, it was chosen because we break down our work in three stages: receiving requests, reap the funds, act. Our whole mission is directed by this ultimate goal, to act.

AGRIDIGITALE.NET: Do you think that a lot of work remain to be done?

Gregory PRENLELOU: We are aware that there is still a lot of work to be done! Nevertheless, we should understand that we dependent on the funds that we will reap. That's why we cannot give a precise number of the holes that we will drill in 2019.

However, three new drillings in Haho have just been inaugurated in March. The number of the drillings for the next mission, which will probably take place in November, has not yet been defined.

AGRIDIGITALE.NET: Always listening to the villagers ...

Gregory PRENLELOU: We are always very attentive to the grievances submitted by the villagers and we struggle to help them. However, we must always keep in mind that our goal is water supply. To be effective, we must focus on our primary missions.

AGRIDIGITALE.NET: What about your actions in other countries?

Gregory PRENLELOU: We mediate in Zimbabwe, Thailand and the Philippines. The needs are very different from one country to another but we strive to distribute our actions equitably.

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