Faure Gnassingbe believes that it was important to attract European investors to Togo.

"We must persist in the search of solutions to put an end to the desolating shows of the boats of illegal migrants taking away the brains and the arm that should normally build our country and our continent", is deeply committed Faure Gnassingbe. 

Since a few years, he meant, "Togo has had recourse to public investments to meet the objectives of modernization of its economy with a focus on the rehabilitation of infrastructure (roads, port, airport, hotel...)".

"This has produced to an appreciable extent, the desired effect by allowing us to maintain a stable growth rate. Now, with the national development plan, we want to do more and better, by turning to the private sector," says the head of the State.

To stimulate this new momentum, he made the bet to include the national private investment as well as internationally to finance projects with strong potential for job creation identified.

"By creating massive and decent jobs, we will involve the youth giving to them, their place in the light of their importance, their dynamism and their expectations. In providing opportunities of development to our young, we protect them from dangers where they are often driven by desperation", promises the president, Faure Gnassingbe.

In a world environment marked by the slowdown of the economies, the African continent represents a significant potential return to growth for the business. This leads the Togolese number one to base great hopes on the strengthening of integration. 

"With the continental free trade area, Africa offers to the world, a market of of consumers. For the significant investments we have made in recent years to strengthen the position of Togo as a high-performance platform, and open on the sub-region and the continent, we’ll see their best meaning in the access to this vast market of more than 2,500 billion dollars," explains Mr. Faure Gnassingbe.

For him, the meeting of Lome shows very well the convergence of views between the European Union and the Togolese government on the need to consolidate their relationship by working together to further promote investment and job creation.

"What we intend to do with Togo, it is to study the business environment and see how we can further attract the European private sector. What will change is that we are going to provide warrants, which could reduce the investment costs, and have investments of blending, loans that could strengthen investments in Togo," says Jyrki Katainen, deputy president of the European commission for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness.

More than 400 projects classified in practically all sectors of activity including agriculture, livestock, agri-food, energy, mining, tourism center and business, manufacturing industries, insurance, finance, health, research, environmental industries, etc are offered by Togolese entrepreneurs.

"At the level of our commission, we have a new technical assistance tool that can help to improve these projects to make them a lot more practical in order to attract much more investors," said Mr Katainen.

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