A strong act to mark the celebration of the European week of climate diplomacy

Seduced by the results, and to allow the initiative reach other cities of Togo (Aneho, ​​Tsevie, Kpalime, Atakpame, Sokode, Kara) the government and especially the delegation of the European Union, the embassies of France and Germany have decided to carry the project by providing financial support of 20 million CFA.

A strong act to mark the celebration of the European week of climate diplomacy launched since Monday in Lome.

"I would like to encourage all the companies that are involved in recycling and also to you schoolchildren because you are the future and you are the ones who are creating this future. You have all the encouragement of the European Union for this work", said Bruno Hanses, officer at the European Union Delegation to Togo.

Clearly, the funds will be used to finance the acquisition of bins, awareness raising campaigns and all that goes with it to make this project viable.

"Moi Jeu Tri", how does it work?

Schoolchildren sort the scrap in their household and bring back into their school bins, paper, plastics and metals. The recovered scraps are conveyed to the African Global Recycling (AGR) center where they are sorted to add value.

"Whether in the plastics industry, metallurgy, energy and paper mills, we sort these scraps and resell them to sectors that will be able to transform them.These are concrete actions to limit the impact of deforestation on our consumption", clarified Edem d'Almeida, general manager of AGR group whose initiative has already created 80 jobs.

Improve the living environment of schoolchildren

To give meaning to the gesture of the schoolchildren and a justification to families, AGR attributes the economic benefits to a social project of the school with the aim of improving the well-being, the living environment of these students.

"For some, it is the renovation of classrooms and roofs, it is also for us as a private actor but also parallel civil society actors to support the various devices that are already in place" Edem added

"We received both money that helps us conducting   computer training in our library and a computer", testified Ms. Nagou Anne Marie, Librarian at Akpanou Library of Kodjoviakope (district of Lome).

"In the agricultural sector, the promotion of organic sectors requires organic fertilizers and in this sense, the recovery of household scraps in organic fertilizer would also be as much to improve agricultural productivity and allow for this, the reduced use of chemical fertilizers that will further improve the well-being and sustainability of our production systems", said Noël Koutera Bataka, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Production and Fisheries.

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