Pineapple from Togo

The equipments worth more than 160 million cfa is acquired by The European Union, GIZ and BMZ through their ProDRA and ProCAT projects.

"We Europeans, we like the pineapple of Togo and I think we would like it more if we have an improvement of the production with this kind of equipment that we provide", reassures Vincent Vire, in charge of business of the delegation of the European Union in Togo.

"These dryers are welcome because they will improve the competitiveness of pineapple processors and specifically, improve the quality of processing of micro, small and medium enterprises to produce and respect the standards on local, regional and international markets, "says Bamana Baroma Magolemiena, General Secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Shared use facilities

Three of these five dryers which aim to support business clusters and startups, were handed out last Friday in Lome, respectively to the national cooperative of players in Togo's pineapple industry (Coonaafat), the association of producers, processors and exporters of vegetables and fruits (Aprotelf) and the organization of entrepreneurs processing fruits, spices and vegetables from Togo (Oetfelt).

Dryers are able to process 750 tonnes of fresh pineapple

The remaining two will work on other fruits and vegetables.

"As far as organic pineapple is concerned, the new dryer has a double capacity compared to the old dryers used by entrepreneurs, and beyond that, there is also the enrichment in terms of the quality of the product. Dried pineapple in this dryer keep the same color as in fresh pineapple", says Apedo Kossi Dodji, ProCAT coordinator.

These dryers, he explains, "will be used by small and medium-sized businesses, as well as startups that have not yet invested in their own equipment."

"For startups, they offer the opportunity to test the market and earn money before investing, they will allow the pooling of energy and knowledge to deliver good results and competitive products on the local, regional and international market ".

Dr. Laba Bakouma, General Manager of Setrapal Togo, pledged on behalf of the beneficiaries to make good use of these dryers for the improvement of their services.

"We want to make sure that this commitment comes in response to the great challenge of the quality problem that always face with the dryers that we used until then," he says.

With a processing capacity of 2.7 tons of fresh pineapple in one piece to produce 150kg of dried or dehydrated pineapple, these dryers are able to process 750 tonnes of fresh pineapple annually, peeled and sliced 5mm average out, 40 tons of dried pineapple.

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