Qu Dongyu became on Sunday, the first Chinese to gain access to the head of FAO (picture FAO)

"This is a historic date, a new springboard for agriculture and food in the world. We will do in concrete to fight against hunger in the world," he said in substance.

Aged 55, Qu Dongyu, China's Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, a biologist by training, said he will fight to be "neutral and impartial" and promised to work "hard to achieve the zero hunger goal in the world by 2030 ".

Mr. Qu praised the great example of his country that has made feats in recent decades and insisted that the challenge will be met. The new FAO boss will begin his four-year term beginning on August 1, 2019 and ending in July 2023.

During his tenure, he intends to combat the effects of global warming, inject new dynamics to increase agricultural yields and minimize the use of chemicals in agriculture.

Very nice promise for Togo

FAO and Togo have excellent cooperative relations, particularly in agriculture. The Togolese Minister of Agriculture, Noël Koutera Bataka currently in Rome where he takes part in this 41st Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) from June 22 to 29 manifested his joy following the election of Mr. Qu.

"He promised to accompany Togo in the development of value chains," he told agridigitale since Rome.

Immediately after this election, Minister Bataka met with the new FAO boss who promised his entire "accompaniment in Togo" in the framework of the new agricultural roadmap in connection with axis 2 of the National Development Plan (PND).

Better, the relationships between China and Togo are still in point and recently, the Chinese diplomat in Lome entrusted to agridigitale that they will intensify it even more. The time-consuming experience of China has managed to combat hunger by feeding its people, which is now a favorite school in many parts of the world.

The Asian giant welcomes every year, trainees from different countries of the African continent for a sharing of experience and equips African agricultural executives on new technologies to advance the agricultural sector.

Mr. Qu Dongyu is today, the hope of all Africa where the challenge of eradicating hunger and poverty remains a headache. With 30 years of experience in the development of digital technologies in agriculture and the introduction of microcredit in rural areas, his first actions are eagerly awaited for a world without hunger. And, It is possible!

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