Chinese company to booster agricltural sector (picture Agridigitale)

To do this, it aims first the industrialization of the sector. To achieve this goal, president Faure calls on Chinese to come to his country. For the expertise of this country in the field is well established.

"Our agriculture needs to be modernized and industrialized, which is called agribusiness. In this sector, we need Chinese companies",  did he drop in an interview with China Global Television Network (CGTN) On the eve of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum that starts on this Monday in Beijing.

An interview in which he acknowledged that Chinese investments over the last forty years of cooperation and friendship between the two countries have contributed immensely to the development of Togo because, as China had greater resources, it has also increased its support for cooperation with African countries in general, and Togo in particular.

But, obviously, Togolese number one asks more.

"Investments have helped Togo in its growth and development. But you know that development is a path that does not stop. Progress has no limit, for now. There has been some progress, but we can do better. We know that there are tens of millions of jobs in China that are ready to be relocated. So all companies in China that are ready to be relocated are always welcome", he said.

On the economic front, this year's flagship topic will be the presentation of President Xi Jinping's "belt and road" initiative to link by sea and land through an infrastructure network modelled on the Silk Road with southeast and central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

For president Faure, this project "is about creating the conditions so that the most disadvantaged can also have access to a form of prosperity and get out of their state of poverty for a community of destiny."

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