Five important steps to improve the performance of the soy sector

First, the exercise of the profession of buyer or exporter of soy beans (conventional and organic) and its derivatives is now subject to obtaining an approval issued by the Executive Secretariat of the Soybean Coordination Committee (CCFS ).

Secondely, payments will be made on the spot or by contract. Thirdely, the technical production route of organic soybeans requires more specific provisions for monitoring, control, audit and certification, unlike the conventional soybean circuit.

As a result, stakeholders in both value chains (organic and conventional) must respect the contractual requirements of their trading partners in the field and avoid any discredit on the excellent quality of soy produced in Togo.

Forth, soybean exports must pass through the autonomous port of Lome (PAL). Export by other means is subject to prior authorization of the Soybean Sector Coordinating Committee (CCFS) at the request of CIFS-TOGO. Those who will respect this provision will have their stock simply seized and subjected to the rigor of the law.

Finally, to finance the development, production and processing of soybeans in Togo, the levies will now be made for the export of soybean seed and the amounts fixed and communicated.

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