Move to a large transformation-oriented agriculture

In short, end up with the small farming characterized by a self-sufficient economy and move to a large transformation-oriented agriculture, marked by a business oriented market economy.

"Development is an endogenous process, we cannot spend our life looking for investors while at the same time, we have everything. We have the raw materials, we have the youth, we even have the land. All we have to do is to make everyone work instead of continuing to export raw materials without processing as we have done for 60 years and even more", he regrets Monday on RFI.

In an interview with Lemonde newspaper , the former Togolese Minister of Foresight believes that "the agricultural emergency today is the land coveted by the emerging powers and surplus North American and European spilled on our territories, thus killing any incentive to produce locally".

To correct this aberration, he proposes "to increase agricultural productivity, provide institutional support to the actors of the sector and, especially, initiate a protectionist agricultural policy".

"First of all, protectionism is necessary on a continent where 70% of the population is rural, especially when we compete with the highly productive agricultures of the North and those, family, of the South so little subsidized. A farmer from the USA is 820 times more supported than a Tanzanian producer. The American  receives an average of $ 37,000 a year, the Tanzanian only $ 46. In the same market, the latter will disappear", he adds.

The economist Nubukpo notes that "after the Second World War, Europe did not wait to be fed by the United States". "The European agricultural policy weighs half of the common budget, because it is a question of food sovereignty.Africa must feed itself by protecting its market",  he advises.

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