People suffer to find water

Each Friday, people of the peak first walk 12km on land, then 3km to refuel in the market of Agou Gadjepe with fish, onion, salt, oil, chilli, rice and sometimes corn. To go to school, children walk 2 km down. There is a tank that holds rainwater.

Culminating point of Togo

"In the dry season, we suffer a lot from the lack of water, we go down for 3km to take spring water in a reservoir where water flows 24/24," informs AGBANA Yao Etonam, 37 years old and born on the peak.

Talking of agriculture, the flagship products are avocado, banana, plantain, cola and tarot.

"I inherited my 1,5ha field from my father. On my space, I have about 200 feet of avocado. The normal season starts from January to May. The plant normally takes 5 years before starting to produce. I just collected on two plants a bag full of avocado that I will sell back at 5 000 CFA to the wholesalers from Lome," details AGBENATO kossi, bricklayer of profession, surprised in his field in Dome Peme, located 8km on the peak.

Beside him, Mrs. DJAYE Abra was picking colas in her field.

AGBANA Yao Etonam

"If the cola plant is well maintained, after 5 years, you can start enjoying your plantation. We sell much more our colas to the Muslim community and 15kg basin varies between 5000 to 10.000 CFA even 15.000 CFA when the product is becoming scarce and the flourishing cola season is between October and April," she says.

In case of death for example on the peak, the family of the deceased brings the body to the morgue in Kpalime (120 km from Lome) or the family orders an artificial mortuary at home.

"When there is a funeral, we gong and all the young people get out Wednesday to dig the grave for free that is 0fr.CFA," say residents.

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