The suitcase kitchen

Equipped with an automatic electrification of light internally, Nado can be moved at any time and any place.

It is made of three compartments. The two lower sections allow the placement of kitchen tools such as plates, forks, pots, spoons, seasoning… The upper one contains a small gas bottle called camping gas sold 500 francs. CFA.

"With 04 bottles of this gas, you can do a whole week of intense preparation," Daniel told agridigitale.

He specified that "it uses two systems of gas, either the small bottle (camping gas) or the big bottle by simply using the gas pipe connection."

For a screen-printing, decoration and drawing art professional, nothing predestined Massamba Daniel KROUMA to create a solution to meet the needs of any traveler who would like, once, at his destination, to cook with its kitchen tools. The mobile kitchen is already available but not yet on the market.

"The big problem for me right now is financial, we really lack support to make this innovation available to the population," complains Daniel.

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