Rural electrification project at Sika-Kondji

This rural electrification project that is being realized thanks to the technical support of the Electric Power Company of Togo (CEET) is run by HeidelbergCement Foundation and will cost 329 million CFA.

"Over 10 km, the medium and low voltage network will be operational soon to illuminate Sika-Kondji and surrounding villages," Gomado Gloekpo, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  told agridigitale.

In addition to electrification, other infrastructures (school buildings, latrines, boreholes, solar kiosks, etc.) have been built in Yoto Prefecture in favor of the populations of the area.

"The foundation wants to support the population in its development process in a participatory way. Every year, a planning workshop is organized with the population to discuss the needs to be solved and the population takes stock of its needs and the foundation tries to bring solutions", he explains.

HeidelbergCement Group composed of Scan Togo (Sika-Kondji), CimTogo (Lome and Kara) and Granu Togo (Amelekpe) aims to do more for the communities. It provides for the rehabilitation of Tabligbo hospital for 300 million CFA and assistance to support agricultural producers in this mining region.

Expectations are huge

Despite the achievements, efforts are still needed to meet the requirements of the communities. For example, ScanTogo installed in Sika-Kondji transforms the extracted clinker into the basement and sells it to CimTogo for cement production.

For the people, these are important resources that are drawn from their subsoil from which they draw back, very little dividends.

"Out of 200 executives of the factory administration, there are barely 20 aboriginals while we also have skills," regrets Kossi Sika, chairman of the cantonal development committee.

He wishes more positions were reserved for the son of the erea rather than always being relegated to the supporting roles (workers in the quarries). The leaders of the clinker production company in Yoto undoubtedly understood the deep desires of the people.

According to the investment agreement with the Togolese State, HedeilbergCement-Togo foundation should have an initial operating fund of 150 million CFA.

This budget is expected to grow by 10 million each year to reach the ceiling of more than 250 million CFA francs. These funds invested in social projects can only bring relief in the region and reduce frustrations.

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