WAFA's third meeting in Lomé

The association is founded in 2016 to ensure the quality, the availability and the access of fertilizers on the market. It also combats counterfeit fertilizers.

Every year, the association brings together all the key industry players and stakeholders involved in the fertilizer sector in West Africa to meditate on how to improve the quality of fertilizers and preserve soil quality. The third meeting is ongoing in Lome.

"One of the key elements of the economic integration of West African states is the development of regional markets. Given the predominant role that agriculture plays in the development of these economies, strengthening input and agricultural markets is at the heart of economic integration," acknowledged Moussa Diabate, president of WAFA.

All he wants, is "to ensure that quality fertilizers can reach West African farmers on time and at the best prices as possible." 

WAFA is essentially a group of fertilizer suppliers in the region and regroups currently about 50 members from 10 countries out of the 15 states of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

"Scientific progress revolutionized agriculture around the world by making available for farmers, seeds, pesticides fertilizers, mechanization tools, irrigation," comments Sekou SANGARE, Commissioner for Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources of ECOWAS.

For him, this progress has made it possible "to increase not only areas but also develop at an unsuspected level the yield of farmers."The meeting of Lome will explore the challenges facing the agricultural fertilizer industry and lay the groundwork for contracts between the major players.

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