Senegal produced 4 million head of broilers per year

For a long time, the importation of chicken cuts constituted a barrier for the development of the sector at the local level. But since this constraint has been lifted, local investors have taken over. This allowed an explosion at the level of the sector.

"Before this measure, Senegal produced 4 million head of broilers per year but since then it has multiplied by ten and today they are over 40 million head per year which is very promising in terms of wealth creation and employment," explains Professor Ayao Missohou, research at the veterinary school in Dakar.

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Initially, it was small farms with 500 or 1000 heads. But today, profound changes are occurring in the sector.

"We have gone from this situation to gigantic situations where people now make 20,000, 30,000 or even 40,000 broilers." It is the same in the spawning sector where there is a strong industrialization that is going on. Before, it was open buildings, but today it's more and more closed buildings with a workforce of 40,000 layers per building," he explains.

Food plays a leading role

Economically, it determines up to 80% the cost of production and competitiveness of the chicken. Hence the importance of putting a particular emphasis on its quality.

"In Senegal, the production of food is the work of specialists who work with international expertise to produce relatively well-structured food, which means that in broiler chicken, we have gone from flour food to crumbs at the start and granules with a finish that can be reached in six weeks, at 2.5kg live weight compared to 1kg for the same length of time when the feed is not efficient," Prof Missohou told agridigitale.

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