The soybean producers from Yoto region in Togo

Public, private operators and producers attended this meeting chaired by Noël Koutera Bataka, Minister of Agriculture.

The inter-professional council of soybean sector seized the opportunity to inform stakeholders on agreements signed with the ministries of agriculture and trade for a good structuring of the marketing campaign of soybeans. The goal is to reduce or stop the disordered purchase of local soybean production.

"Far from a simple demonstration, the act we've just taken is an extremely important operation for the life of the agricultural value chain. By this act, the actors have marked commitments to be held so that they become an instrument of management of the sector" welcomed Minister Bataka.

"The interprofession of soybean responds to the aspirations of the Togolese state that wants to make interprofession, real engine of agricultural growth", he said.

For the vice-president of the interprofession, Yawo Toyo, about 13,350 producers are registered among which 13,200 for the national federation of the producers, 70 for the national agency of marketing and the export and 50 for the Togolese association of the transformers.

According to Komla Kadjakade, President of the Federation of Soybean Cooperatives (FCPS), the challenge is the fulfillment of the commitments made for a good structuring of the market.

"Foreigners come to take our products as they want just because we don't have texts that govern the way of marketing.The lines are moving with signed agreements", he said.

Here are the 8 essential points to keep in mind

1- A moratorium period of two weeks from the launch date is observed before any routing of soybeans to Lome.

2- The quantity to be delivered for this campaign is 78 000 tons of grain soybeans. Any time, in case of climatic hazards or disaster of any nature whatsoever, the seller will not be held to honor this tonnage.

3- The said amount of grain soy comes with the following features:

. Protein: 37% Min

. Mold: 1.0102cfu / g

. Salmonella: negative

. Mercury, cadmium: negative

. Humidity: 13% Max

. Impurities: 2%

. GMO: Negative

4- The price floor of purchase edge field soybean grain is agreed between the signatories and family member for 189frs per kg.

5- Any shipment of soybean from the interior to Lome must be accompanied by a cargo tracking form issued by CIFS-TOGO after payment of a levy of 1000 CFA by truck loaded, a copy of the approval of purchase covered by CIFS.

6- The use of a rigged balance during the campaign is punishable by a 500,000 to 5 million up to a prosecution depending on the case and the withdrawal of the authorization to purchase the offender for the current campaign and the next.

7- For the development of the sector, a one-stop shop for the export of soybeans seeds will be installed at the Autonomous Port of Lome (PAL).

8- In case of delay in the deliveries and without prior agreement of the buyer, the seller agrees to pay a penalty equal to 1% of the amount for each week of delay.

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