The bowl is out of date

Established since 1975 at Kofitse-kope (32km west of the town of Tsevie), Kofitse grows corn and cotton on 5.5ha and palm trees and teaks on 50ha.

"First of all, I grow corn from mid-April and by the end of July, I combine the cotton after weeding. If it rains normally and I don't do laziness, I get 60 bags of 100Kg of corn and more than 5 tons of cotton", testifies the Dean Kofitse.

Taking advantage of the passage of agridigitale, he unveils two major difficulties of producers in his environment before making proposals to cut the losses.

Bad faith of the buyers

As solution, he recommends to the actors to take example on the cotton sector where the prices per kilo are fixed at the beginning of the campaign.

Tsevi Kofitse, Knight of agricultural merit in 2010

"For corn, the problem begins after the harvest because there are no buyers, the few people who come to buy give themselves the nasty pleasure of setting the price with bowls and bags suitable for them. After all, we don't even get the money we invest. If they could organize the market as it is the case for cotton, that is to say, have stores for storing our crops and selling per kilo, it would be good and I am convinced that it can help attract young people to the sector", hopes Kofitse.

Rarity of the agricultural labor force

From his 44 years of experience in rural activities, the knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit is powerless to witness the scarcity of agricultural labor.

"Young people are not interested in hoeing and machete farming at all, so we are short of a lot of manpower to do the work in a timely way and it affects our yields. For the last three years, I had to resort to the tractor ", he testifies.

"It is necessary that the government or good will help us with machines so that it can retain the young ones. If not, there is the chances that the lands which must be cultivated to buy things continue to be sold directly to buy motorcycles or cars that break down a few days later", he suggests.

Kofitse's call will undoubtedly be heard for the development of this vulnerable sector. Political action will change everything in the right direction

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