Lambi Sawadogo

He has the same passion for managing human resources as his own plantations where he grows corn, sesame and cashew.

For him, African youth must return to the land instead of trying to find a certain Eldorado in the West.

"I am convinced that in the land, because it does never deceive, the land never betrays!", he told agridigitale.

Agriculture in Burkina Faso

According to him, agriculture is doing well in Burkina Faso because the economy of the country is based on it.

It is characterized by cereals such as millet, corn, beans, peanuts, sesame and cash crops like  cotton, where the country ranks prominently in Africa.

“The agricultural sector in my country is doing better and better in a Sahelian context,” added him.

Human Resources manager and farmer ...

Sawadogo comes from a peasant family. he grew up in the village where he did the majority of his studies. When he was at university, all holidays, he always comes back to the village to help his parents in farm. Farming has become a habit for him.

"As soon as I became a civil servant, I did not hesitate to continue to practice in this field. As modest as it is because I cannot practice as if I were permanent in the village, I always do my best not to break with the farming community", he witnessed

He produces maize and sesame. In the coming years, he intends to have a large cashew farm. "I am negotiating a dozen hectares to embark on the cashew nut", he confessed.

The first income is very modest but Sawadogo finds that even important for a beginner. “When you evaluate everything, including what comes down to family consumption, you can go to 3 or 4 million a year,” rejoiced him.

Advices for African youth

It is first of all an observation. If we look at China, a very important country in terms of demographics that goes beyond Africa, and who manages to feed all its population, then we must ask ourselves why Africa is not coming and that people are still starving?

If China is able to feed its large population on its own crops, I think that nothing is impossible for Africa and at the level of youth we can develop food crops and market them on a large scale to enhance the image of Africa.

"And so I, I believe firmly in the earth, it does not deceive, the earth never betrays!, " he Concluded.

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