Togo's new fishing port still unexploited

Rats, bats and lizards are for the moment the lords of the land. Just because, the fence, main requirement of the fishing actors is not yet done. It shows only, the bricks stored but nothing more (photo).

Fishermen who were expecting at most three months, are still on the old site, eager to join the new site.

"They promised and assured that at least the fence would be finished, but ..., I don't really know where is the blockage", Abdou Derman, General Secretary of SYNAPETO (National Union of Fishermen of Togo ) told agridigitale.

The fence, the fish market, the storage of fishing equipment are the main demands of fishermen to occupy the premises.

The new fishing port is the result of cooperation between Togo and Japan through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The construction works cost 20 billion CFA.

At least eight thousand (8000) people will intervene on this new fishing port built in Gbetsogbe (eastern suburbs of Lome). There are 3000 fishermen and 5000 fishmongers and fish processors.

Togolese authorities are keen to operationalize the new site, which will promote fishing activity in Togo. 25,000 tons of fish are expected each year in the coming years; This will create 5,000 direct jobs.

For the meantime, we are far from hoping to achieve the objectives announced at the inauguration of the new fishing port. Some people even think that it is a waste of money because for them, the State could have allocated these funds to the construction of rural roads to open up areas of high agricultural productivity.

On the other hand, others believe that the State could show firmness and rigor by forcing the fishermen to join the new site, the time to satisfy the other requirements

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