Antoine Kodzo Dzamah, founder of the center.

The light rain and the state of the road (Lome-vogan-Anfoin) almost impassable, did not at all discourage the agricultural world who made the trip on the apotheosis day to mark this pearl jubilee. 600 people were there according to the organizers.

Mini paradise

It is a perfect osmosis between man and nature. Everything is almost there. Trees of different species, clay habitat, gardens, spaces developed for livestock ... the natural air flow recalls the source of life and any visitor nourishes the desire to stay there.

The principle of Lavoisier, namely nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed is well respected. Everything that is consumed in the center, from food to drink, is produced and processed locally.

For the initiators, it was to become self-reliant, to flourish, in short, to succeed their life as men and women taking into account their deep aspirations.

It was also for them, this call to "help other young people to succeed in their life, the dream of a standing Africa, that is to say, men and women standing by making their contributions to the universal meeting of giving and receiving". "We believe in Sichem that misery is not a fate," said Antoine Kodzo Dzamah, founder of the center.

Faith, self-confidence, trust in mankind

Partners and friends have contributed a lot to the success of Sichem. In connection with the initial vision, the initiators came to blossom and helped others, especially the youth in the same way.

"We could say that we had succeeded 100% because as initiators, we have succeeded in taking care of us, founded families, educate our children, help put hundreds of young people on the road for the success of their life; young people from Togo, Benin, Burkina-Faso, Ivory Coast, Congo", reveals Antoine.

He recognizes that Sichem will not be what it is today without the friendships.

"Our vision of a standing Africa, of man standing up and our faith in man are the foundations of our action. This is for us to bet above all men and women, to trust everyone, to believe that it is possible to succeed in what one undertakes despite the difficulties and obstacles, able to change mentalities, paradigm, together and never alone, seize the opportunities  faced on the way", he continues.

Speaking of his secret of success, he says: "we can talk about success where the future seems clogged and a path opens, where a desperate young person has a job today to live, where there is  schools to facilitate the education of children, where there are wells to serve the populations in drinking water ... "

Towards a good and happy city

This is the new motto of Sichem, that of working for the well-being of all in circles. The center is committed to bringing its experience everywhere, to open up more to the youth because the initiators think that "to isolate oneself is to die".

The theme of the 30th anniversary "training young people, a guarantee of assured succession" responds to one of the major concerns of the initiators, namely "the vision of an Africa standing, beautiful and great".

"Sichem would like to contribute modestly to the preparation of the succession. The youth has always been our strength because it was not possible to get into this adventure without our youth," insists Mr. Dzamah.

By contemplating all his works, Antoine thinks that much more remains to be done.

"We have not achieved everything, especially the dream of a standing Africa continent is far from becoming a reality, this is why our marching must continue and intensify," he untrusted to agridigitale.

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