New fishing port

Located there in Gbetsogbe (eastern suburb of Lome), the new fishing port is built on 7 hectares. Resulting from the cooperation between Togo and Japan, the works are co-financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with 14.4 billion CFA and Togolese State with 2.1 billion CFA.

On the site this Saturday, the most important installations already carried out are: the jet and the protective fence, the dike, the basin able to accommodate 300 canoes, the auction, the cold storage room with a capacity of 1000 tons, the administrative block, toilets etc.

If on the side of the project owner, everything is ready, on the side of the ministry in charge of fishery production, the last settings are going on to ensure the success of the reception of the work by the head of the State, registered in the activities of the 59th anniversary of the independence of Togo.

The same enthusiasm is noticed on the side of the first beneficiaries who are waiting for the inauguration of the jewel.

"Currently, we are mobilizing fishermen and processors to make the party beautiful because it is a joy for us to welcome this jewel," said Derman Adam, Deputy General Secretary of the National Federation of Cooperative Unions of Fisheries of Togo (FENUCOOPETO).

They already testify that unlike the old fishing port, the activities will be fairly well organized within the new fishing port.

"There were merchant ships that came to intermingle with us, here we will be alone. obviously, there will be commercial activities but only for fishing," testified AMETEPE, General Secretary from UNICOOPEMA.

Fuel supply station

The jewel is certainly too much appreciated by the actors, but they already plead that the public authorities and the partners could also take into account some of their primary concerns that stick with an ultra-modern fishing port.

"There is the absence of a fuel supply station, the fish market, the storage of materials, a mechanical cabin for engine repair or the canteen," say some actors encountered on the site.

They are very hopeful that answers will be given after the Head of State's visit for the sake of fishing activities in Togo, obviously in line with the new agricultural roadmap.

In Togo, fishery sector employs more than 22,000 people and contributes more than 4.5% to the agricultural GDP with an annual average production of 20,000 tons, for 80% of the national production estimated at 25,000 tons.

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