New fishing port

The sector's contribution to the primary GDP is 4,5%. Beyond the supply of fish products, the fishing port also plays an important role in terms of jobs for other actors such as outboard motor repairers and is a center of small businesses.

The former fishing port welcomed more than 3000 fishermen, 5000 fishmongers and fish processors. Following the extensive infrastructure upgrades of the Autonomous Port of Lome, the fishing port basin has been reduced by 30%, making fishing operations difficult, sometimes resulting in collisions between canoes. Hence the imperative to create a new one.

"At a given moment, we were stuck in the former fishing port. With surprise, we were announced in April 2017 that a new fishing port will be built and it is now done," welcomes the representative of the fishmongers.

The new fishing port inaugurated on Wednesday in Gbetsogbe (northeastern suburb of Lome) by president Faure GNASSINGBE cost about 20 billion CFA.

It is made thanks to the financing of Japanese cooperation through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which contributed up to 14.46 billion CFA. The new fishing port is able to acquire 300 to 400 canoes and is equipped with modern facilities for landing, storage and sale of fishing products.

"I hope that this port will effectively contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the population and also to the consolidation of our diplomatic relations for the sustainability of the fishery resources and to further seal the bonds of friendship that exist between our two countries," hopes Hiroshi Kato resident representative of JICA.

The infrastructures built are: anchorage basin with a capacity of 300 to 400 artisanal pirogues, a fish auction for 800 places, a waste depot, an administrative block, an ice factory with a capacity of 5 tons per day, various equipment for the conservation of fish (glaciers, hand carts, fish boxes, chest freezer), a water tower with a capacity of 12,25m³, a guard post, an office selling tickets.

"The realization of the new jewel that is part of the implementation of the National Development Plan, will boost this sub-sector of fishing," promises Noël Koutera BATAKA, Minister of Agriculture, Animal and Fishery Production.

"The new fishing port will bring major innovations, including the restoration of productive capacity of sea fishing stakeholders by improving their working conditions, the integration of small-scale fishing marketing channels into the fishing circuit of the formal economy," he continues.

The government guarantees a management modality that secures infrastructure resources and maintenance for their sustainability. Minister BATAKA called the recipients to demonstrate accountability.

"The beautiful works are jewels by the attentive care that surrounds them. The new fishing port opens new perspectives for the development of the blue economy in Togo," he exhorts.

Mr. BATAKA promised to the fishing community that his services are still working for the realization of the deficiencies raised including the fish market, the outboard repair, the shop etc.

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