Stock situation of agricultural products available

Speculations such as corn, tomatoes, gari, tapioca, cassava flour are in abundant stock and recently, outlets are sought everywhere to empty these stocks.

An emergency to allow producers to have resources to better face the next campaigns. At the same time, other more sustainable solutions in the direction of transformation are being considered.

The minister in charge of agriculture, Noel Koutera Bataka made it a personal fight.

"There are more than 400,000 tons of fresh cassava, that is, these 400,000 tons of surplus cassava can be turned into starch.We are appealing to those who would like to come to Togo to set up factories to take advantage of this raw material", he says in substance.

Already, in these periods of tomato abundance, the government through the incentive mechanism of agricultural financing (MIFA S.A), via the bank, financially supported two operators including Tanko Food to strengthen their processing capabilities.

Funding of 67 million CFA (Tanko Food) and 37 million were granted to the two existing structures to promote the distribution of preserved tomatoes and to promote the export of the product made in Togo.

If the approach has been welcomed by many, consumers must keep up with the consumption of local products. As it is the case in China, where there is "no meal without rice", a similar model can be done by requiring the consumption of agricultural products throughout the agro-food chain because the first market for our products, must to be first and foremost, ourselves.

Also, processing local products locally remains a good option for creating a market economy and local raw material processing industries to play a catalytic role in grassroots development.

Without some transformation of local resources, it would be difficult to attract more investments for agriculture and to actually develop the sector as part of the axis2 of the National Development Plan (PND).

The state is committed, investors in the framework of a public-private partnership (PPP) can also do their part by installing these processing units. The business climate is favorable.

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