Kossiwa member of National Association of Engineers in Togo (ONIT)

Kolani Piyabelam Bouyo, spokesman of the National Association of Engineers in Togo (ONIT) stressed that the meeting targeted three objectives.

That is knowing and understanding the operation, the products and services offered by these structures, then understanding how to seize and benefit from the products and services offered by them and finally, weaving a partnership with these mechanisms.

Thus, those who were looking for jobs discovered with the ANPE, the different mechanisms to either start their own business, or to look for a job.

"We need engineers at all levels and ANPE has a service that helps young people to develop business plans to submit for funding and these young people who have recently graduated from ENSI and others who are engineers should know that we offer these services", says Tsegan Agbessi, ANPE service head at the University of Lome.

With the ANPGF, they then discovered among other things, the eligibility criteria, financing mechanisms and financial services that are available.

"Our intervention affects all economic operators.This implies that you must be formalized because we don't accompany individuals but their company", clarifies Simone Tebayema ​​of the ANPGF.

The ONIT is committed to becoming a force of proposal and weighed in the public policies. The order thus multiplies the approaches to the different actors of the economic life with a view to the elaboration of a roadmap for concrete actions in connection with the success of the National Development Plan (PND).

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