Yao Alex, executive director of OVAD-AP

Thus, the World Bank West Africa Coastal Resilience Investment Project (WACA-Recip) will support 11 subprojects for a total amount of 1.2 billion CFA. Like the other coasts of the Gulf of Guinea, togolese coasts are subject to an upsurge in the phenomena of flooding and coastal erosion exacerbated by climate change.

These phenomena, in addition to the considerable economic losses they entail, also affect above all, the prosperity of the households, thus increasing the poverty of the populations. In Togo, people living on the coast, particularly those in the coastal zone, are experiencing this bad experience, which calls for effective and coordinated responses.

"To cope with this, Togolese government through the ministry of environment, sustainable development and nature protection has initiated the West Africa Coastal Resilience Investment Project (WACA-Recip) with the support of the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility", says David Wonou Oladokoun, Minister for Nature Protection.

This project devotes its sub-component on social climate adaptation and community development projects to financing community subprojects.

These sub-projects are identified and supported by communities with the objectives of livelihood diversification and disaster and natural disaster risk reduction.

The activities targeted by the community sub-projects focus on the management of community areas of high ecosystem value; sustainable land management; rehabilitation of small public infrastructure damaged by floods or erosion; cleaning of natural channels to improve the performance of water drainage channels; fight against pollution and income-generating activities.

In Adame (Lacs prefecture), the project will help Akissa Forest Residents Association (ARIFAD) in the redevelopment of the Akissa forest, adjacent to the Mono River (natural border between Togo and Benin).

"It's a forest that existes since the time of our ancestors. It covers an area of ​​about 1400 hectares. Peasants go there to do whatever they want. Women and youth go to destroy part of the forest. With this funding, we are going to reforest the deforested parts and redesign everything", said Agossou Kokougan, president of ARIFAD.

For its part, the Organization of Volunteers Actors Development-Action Plus (OVAD-AP) will support the community of Edohwokui-kope in the canton of Afagnagan (prefecture of bas-mono).

"We are a support structure for the project leaders which consists in strengthening the water retention capacity of a basin built by the PGICT and the second structure that Waca has planned to build is the weir that has been built. We will make small stumps to this spillway, develop the track that serves the village with systematic reloads.The perimeters of the water reservoir will be used to develop income-generating activities including market gardening", says Woegniekou Yao Alex, executive director of OVAD-AP.

These projects, if well executed, will certainly bring some stability to the people so that they carry out income-generating activities and contribute to their resilience facing the effects of climate change.

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