Everything is going well in Yelivo factory

Visiting the factory (10km from Sokode), Nèmè Bali, General Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture noticed that technicians are working hard to refute the testing phase and pass quickly to the scale.

"Everything is going well, we've seen from the receipt of the product, processing, cleaning of soybeans until crushing," she said.

"The recovered crude oil went into refining and went through the process until it was filled in. The whole circuit is fully operational now," she added.

The original goal that is process soybeans and peanuts into refined oil and cake to increase the income of 10,000 producers among which 40% are women; distributing 1.8 billion CFA to producers between 2017 and 2019 corresponding to the value of sales of soy and groundnuts; create 250 stable and profitable jobs for young people and value agricultural products didn’t change despite the delay in ignition.

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