Before to get hired, he is doind gardening in Lomé. He grows lettuce, beets, bell pepper and carrots. Agridigitale met him this Friday and this is his story.

Aware of the saturation of the job market

If I take only our sector, Accounting Control Audit at FASEG, there are 400 to 500 licenses per semester. Which is about 800 to 1,000 graduates a year. IfIf we extend it to all FASEG and private schools in the country, the question is to know whether the state can find job for everybody? It is not obvious. Me for example, I deposited my folders in several companies, but for the moment, I no one called me, but I couldn't sit idly.

So I am completely invested in gardening. Is to say that this is my job. And I enjoy it !

Why gardening?

I have learned it from my dad. He was doing it since 1986. We are four children. And we lived in rental. ItIt is with this that he was supporting the needs of the whole family (rent, education, health, food...). It means I was introduced to it since I was child. And I think it's an asset. With this activity I get to meet my needs and I intend to take the opportunity to do things from this activity.

The difficulties

 New actors have invaded the sector. And we all sow the same things at the same time. At harvest time, products abound on the market (Atikpodji, Lomé).

The direct consequence is that prices fall significantly. To avoid losing products, we sell them off. For example a product supposed to be sold at 12.000F CF will be sold at 3.500F CFA. This situation causes huge problems with our workers.

Sometimes even with the institutions of micro finance for those who are on loan.


We need help for cold rooms to store our products. Most of them are not resistant to heat. We can also go to the transformation.

Advice to young graduates

Let me use this opportunity to tell my younger brothers to take into account the reality of the country.

The job market is very saturated. Do not expect to be hired to begin. Get engaged into entrepreneurship. Today agriculture is very promising. Why not try ones chance there ?

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