Matthias Veltin, Ambassador of Germany to Togo

"But be careful, you have to get ready to fill them! If you lack the information and you go to join an institute that is still giving old training, when they will come here for the implementation, you may have have some difficulties to get into the circuit", warns Ayite-Lô Ajavon, expert in climate change, former IPCC expert.

"You have to get ready to adapt and to do that, make sure you refer back for the moment to the document of the contributions determined at the national level to know what is expected", he suggests.

During a dialogue initiated Wednesday in Lome by the German embassy to involve young Togolese in the energy transition, the expert tried to convey to the participants that the government will not execute the projects that will be identified to meet the commitments made in the Paris Agreement.

"The workforce will come from youth, for example, the introduction of new technologies into agriculture, where you have new technologies to come in, new ways of growing crops for which we'll need people. Are you training for these jobs, because in order for us to be able to fulfill the obligations that are contained in the NDCs, you have to feed into this document", insists Mr. Ajavon.

Involving young people, an imperative

In recent weeks, young people have made a lot of noise about climate change and its disastrous consequences for the planet and for man. In West Africa as in Central Africa, the under-25s represent 64% of the population.

For Matthias Veltin, Ambassador of Germany to Togo, it is quite normal that their voice is heard.

"Inviting intergenerational dialogue and giving voice to young people is a citizen's duty in the face of the climate emergency which is no longer a diplomatic or political fight, but a real and common struggle", justifies the German diplomat.

"What is the use of setting goals for the future without involving youth? These commitments for the future, we must not take them without you, but with and for you.  It is therefore necessary to involve everyone in the energy transition", he insists.

The goal of helping young people to take advantage of transition opportunities seems to be achieved.

"The energy transition is a very important theme and also universal so we talked about the involvement of young people in the energy transition, how we can work to achieve a sustainable energy transition", Benedicte Gati, participant, very interested by the field of renewable energies told agridigitale.

Urgent action requires African youth to seize all these opportunities.

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